Weekly Referee Schedule

Updated Wednesday April 5, 2017 by TVSC.

Each week, those referees on the active list for the season will be responsible for submitting their availability and/or requests to  referees@stonybrooksoccer.com, NO LATER THAN THURSDAY NIGHT, for the following Sunday.  
Referees that are either current players, or alumni of the Club will be given priority for scheduling.
Game kick-off times for the Spring 2017 season are:
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
12:10 PM
  1:00 PM
  1:15 PM
  1:20 PM
  2:00 PM
  2:30 PM
The referee schedule will be attached below as a PDF file on Friday evenings.  Please note that only actively registered referees will be provided access.
Any questions, comments or issues, please email referees@stonybrooksoccer.com.

Ref. Week 1 04.02.17.pdf