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What does it cost to play?


  • Intramural K-6 Full Year  (Fall and Spring Seasons)  $225
  • Single Season (Fall or Spring Season)  $150
  • Upgrade fee (if a player changes mind up through third game they may upgrade to full year, there will be a $15 fee, bringing the total cost to $240).
  • Family Discount  $30 less for each child beginning with the 3rd child.

Traveling Intramural (7th grade and up)
       • Single Season- $200
      • Full year (fall and spring) $285

Intramural Development Program (IDP) - $130
 Camp - $180 
We offer a Discounted Fee - $150 for early registration. $180 after deadline
Pre K - $90
Single season- $90
Full Year (fall and spring) $160
Top Soccer - No Fee Charged


2. Are there refunds?


  • There will be provided a FULL REFUND if requested before the first game of the fall season.  Newly registered spring players are provided the same opportunity.
  • However, there is NO SPRING REFUND is a player is registered for a full year (fall and spring seasons) and then decides not to play in the spring season.
  • For Pre-K and Kindergarten players, there will be a FULL REFUND if requested before the third game.
  • There are no partial refunds after this date FOR ANY REASON.
  • There is NO REFUND if a player is registered for a full year (fall and spring seasons) and then decides not to play in the spring season.


  • There will be a full refund if a player tries out for a team and is then not selected. Once a player is registered with a travel team in July, there is No partial or full refund of any kind at anytime, unless the team decides not to play in the spring season.. The only refund, which would be made, is the team trainer fee for the spring if it is prepaid in July. If a new player is registered to the team in the off-season (between the fall and spring), there is no refund of any kind.

In some occasions. The Board of Directors, in its discretion, for extenuating circumstances, may provide for a full or partial refund of certain travel fees.


  • Once the season starts, there is no refund of the registration fee. (This covers the uniform and any other variable costs)
  • A player is entitled to 1/2 refund  of  the coaching fee if he/she drops out within the first month of the fall program, the first month of winter training or the first month of spring training.  Otherwise NO REFUNDS of coaching fee.
  • FULL REFUND of the coaching fee if drop out in first two weeks of the fall program only.

3. When will I be notified of my team assignment and when will the season begin?

Fall players– The Team Coach is responsible to notify you by September 1. Our first game will be held the first weekend after Labor Day. Spring players– notification will be one week prior to season. The first spring game is usually the last weekend in March. Your coach will provide the schedule.

4. Are there any differences in the rules for different age levels

Each division has their own modifications. There are differences in the ball size, field size and game rules. We begin Pre- Kindergarten with micro soccer (3×3) and by 5th Grade; most of the game rules that Long Island Junior uses have been implemented. Of course, all of our rules are a derivative of F.I.F.A. (Soccer's international governing body). The Rules Matrix shows the different rules utilized by age group.

5. How do you register to play on a soccer team?

Intramurals Players- You may register your child online at www.stonybrooksoccer.com.  On our homepage, click the banner onthe top that says Registration is now open. Type your last name in the search bar, then click on your name and then the child's name, then click on register and follow the directions from there.   Continue until you check out and pay with a credit card

If you are opening a new account Click on Accounts and then Click on Create Account, complete information.

Travel players
Travel players register through the same system  after a series of tryout sessions.
All of the dates for when registration opens will be listed on the website.

6. How old does a player have to be in order to be eligible to play?

To register into the fall or spring Kindergarten program, the player(s) must be in Kindergarten or 5 years old by December 01. To play in the Pre-K program the players must be age eligible to enter into next year's fall kindergarten. 

7. What age groups play together? (Subject to change)


  • Pre Kindergarten (4 and 5 year olds- fall only or full year)  and Kindergartners (5 and 6 year olds – fall and spring players) – Micro Soccer (3 vs. 3)
  • 1st Graders – Micro Soccer (4 vs. 4)
  • 2nd Graders (4 vs. 4)
  • 3rd Graders (6 vs. 6 )
  • 4th Graders (7 vs. 7 )
  • 5th and 6th Graders (9 vs. 9)


  • 2nd Graders (4 vs. 4)
  • 3rd Graders (6 vs. 6 – Fall Season)
  • 4th Graders (7 vs. 7)
  • 5th and 6th Graders (9 vs. 9)

7th Grade and Up – These are Interleague teams for older players who want to continue playing-no tryouts necessary - 7th through 12th Graders.  (Half of the scheduled games are played at another location and half are played at home.)  Roster must be complete by July 31st, so players need to register early.

Travel Academy Openings – The Academy is open to U9, U10 and U11 players.  Participants are selected through tryouts. The Stony Brook Travel Academy has limited openings for Boys and Girls who are looking to take their soccer to the next level. Please contact our Academy Director Mark Nash at mlnash73@aol.com to complete an application and to arrange a tryout.  Places are limited and applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

Travel Teams – If you plan to try out for travel for the first time, you have until July 15th to register on-line for intramurals (All players pay this club fee.) Tryouts: Late June. For information, watch local papers and check website

8. What type of intramural uniform is worn?

You will need to buy a uniform at Schwab's 2nd Wind located on 25A in East Setauket in the King Kullen Shopping Center.
Other than the  shirt, shorts and socks the only requirement is a pair of shin guards. A water bottle and ball is an optional purchase.  Pre- K and Kindergarteners must  wear sneakers.  Almost all children older than 1st grade wear cleats or turf shoes.

9. When and where are the practices held and when are the games played?

Teams practice once or twice a week. The games are played on Sunday afternoons at the Three Village Soccer Park adjacent to the South "P" lot parking area on the SUNY-Stony Brook campus. Travel games may be played Saturday or Sunday. (Go to www.StonyBrookSoccer.com for directions to the fields).  Pre-K children meet one time per week on Sunday afternoon. 

10. Does my child need to have a ball at practice?

Coaches often ask players to come to practice with a ball, therefore, it is important to buy the correct size. Kindergartners and 1st graders use a size #3,  2nd through 6th graders use a size #4 and all 7th grade and older use a size #5.

11. What happens if it rains?

Most  decisions on rainouts are made by 11:00 am. Parents should call the TVSC hotline at 632-3VSC (632-3872) to find out whether the games are canceled. If it starts to rain after 12:00 p.m. or if there are questionable changes in the weather, recheck the hotline. If there is mist in the air the decision will normally be to play. Travel and interleague games decide separately.

12. How long are the soccer seasons?

Fall Season is September-November. Spring season is April-June.

13. How can I learn to coach?

Start as early as possible!!! You can learn along with your children. We offer free and paid clinics as well as coach licensing courses and referee courses. If you are hesitant, try it with a friend or start as an assistant coach. Only a small percentage of our coaches start with experience. Most learn as they go.

14. What is the pre-travel Academy program?

A preparatory program of training for U9, U-10 and U11 players with training and  additional games for those players who want eventually to tryout for a travel team in the future.

15. How does a player get on a travel team?

Each June there are tryouts for the travel program. The travel teams begin with an under 10-age division. All eligible players are welcome to try out. Players are put through a series of soccer skill drills and placed in games in order to evaluate them as a player. Although the players are generally nervous, the coaches attempt to make this a relaxed, fun atmosphere while they are there. After seeing the players a few times, the coach will contact them and tell them if they have been selected. You should watch the newspaper, web site and information board for announcements of times. Also, ask your coach, as he/she may be able to tell you the times.

16. How do I find out more information about travel?

Watch the information board at the Soccer Park, the local paper and our web site.   Most tryouts will take place the first two weeks of June. For more information, contact Mark Nash, Director of Coaching as well as Academy Director, at  mlnash73@aol.com .Also the Club holds an information meeting in May for potential travel players

17. Does the club provide insurance?

We have secondary insurance, which provides coverage, secondary to your own policy or primary coverage if you have no insurance.

18. Are dogs allowed at the soccer park?

Unfortunately, no. In order to ensure our children's safety, our coaches have been instructed to not allow dogs at the park during practices and scheduled league games. We are asking our entire club membership to honor this policy.  Everyone's cooperation is appreciated.

19. Where may I park my car on game day?

Everyone who comes to the park on game day is expected to park in the South "P" lot in designated spaces. Parking is not allowed on Oxhead Road. This is for the protection of our arriving players and also to be courteous to our Oxhead Road neighbors.

20. Where do our fees go?

The TVSC is a club of volunteers.  Our club fees go to pay for the maintenance of the soccer park, insurance for all of our players, the cost of our rental fee to the university, replacing and repairing the goals and nets, cleaning the bathrooms, cutting the grass, contributing to a scholarship fund at the university, administrative costs  and many other costs of the club.   

21. How often do the bathrooms get serviced?

We are doing our best to make sure everyone has access to clean bathrooms but we need your help.  We have a bathroom attendant during our Sunday's games.  At the end of the day on Sunday, we give them final cleaning and then we lock the bathrooms for the week. We have to lock the bathrooms for two reasons.  The first is to keep them clean.  The second reason is so that no one can hide in the bathrooms.   The handicap bathroom has a combination lock so the coaches can open the bathroom during the week.  If the coach doesn't have the combination, he or she can contact the division leader and get it.  It is very important the coach or the last person leaving the club makes sure that the bathrooms are empty and locked.  On Saturday we will open one more bathroom.  Then on Sunday morning, before the games, we make sure all the bathrooms are clean.

22. Can club members use the meeting room at the clubhouse?

Our club house meeting room is for there for everyone to enjoy.  It is the room to right of the concession stand.  We have a TV that is showing all kind of sports and of course, soccer games.

Rules for the meeting room:

  • All cleats are to be removed prior entering the room.  We don't need to track mud or any other dirt into our Club House Meeting room.
  • No food or drinks allowed:  if a drink is spilled it is very difficult to clean up.
  • We allow teams or member groups to hold a pizza party or any other kind of party as long is an adult supervisor is present.  Please make sure that after the event is over, the room is clean and the garbage brought out to the garbage dumpster (not in the garbage cans outside of the room
  • We also have a small conference room available for any club member to use.
  • ALL special events must be scheduled in advance.