Traveling Intramurals

Updated Sunday July 31, 2016 by Three Village Soccer.

Stony Brook Soccer Travel Intramural Program
The Stony Brook Soccer Travel Intramural program is an intramural program for players after 6th grade and plays against other clubs in Suffolk County.  

The teams play an 8 game fall and 8 game spring schedule.  Half the games are home at the P-lot.  The other half are away, but all the games are in Suffolk County.  There are no league standings or league champions.   

Grades are combined to form teams. There is a seventh/eighth grade team, a ninth and tenth grade team and an eleventh and twefth-grade team in both boys and grils leagues. 

Team spirit, team work, sportsmanship, mutual respect and playing for the shear love of the game are the most important parts of this program.  

For more information please email Richard Sobel