Tryout Guidelines

Updated Friday May 12, 2017 by Rosa Buckley.

Stony Brook Soccer Club (SBSC)

Travel Program
Try-Out Guidelines 2017-2018


  1. Players are required to register for their age group tryouts (birth year details on following page) by visiting and clicking on the registration link on the homepage.  Registration for tryouts is completely free and strictly confidential.  No commitment is made on behalf of the player until an offer for a roster spot has been made by SBSC and accepted by the player at the conclusion of tryouts


  1. Registered tryout participants are required to attend TWO tryout dates for their age group to be considered for placement on a travel team.  In the event a player cannot attend either of the tryouts, they should (A) Notify their team administrator (if currently playing for SBSC) or (B) Contact appropriate age group coordinator (if new player). 


  1. Tryouts will be held in May & June and will be conducted by age-group coaches and general staff.


  1. Tryout dates and times will be posted and distributed club-wide no later than Monday, May 1, 2017.


  1. All tryouts are “blind” and each player will receive a unique number at the first try-out.  Tryout numbers are pre-assigned during the tryout registration process.  Again, all players are required to register for tryouts.  Please refer to the age group/birth year tryout calendar to find the correct age-appropriate group for you child.


  1. All players should arrive at least 30 minutes before the required start time for check-in at which point, each player will receive their printed tryout number.


  1. Tryout numbers must be pinned to a PLAIN WHITE shirt and worn to BOTH tryout dates.  Should you lose or misplace your tryout number – you must contact your age group coordinator immediately.  At the conclusion of tryouts EACH DAY, players are required to check out and return their tryout number to the corresponding age group coordinator.


  1. Tryout results will be posted on the website following the conclusion of the second tryout and prior to the “notification date” as outlined in the accompanying tryout schedule.


  1. Players will have 48 hours to accept or decline the position on the team by emailing the assigned coordinator with their decision AND registering with their assigned team by submitting a non-refundable $250 deposit which will be credited to your annual tuition.  If they do not register after 48 hours, the next highest rated player will be offered a spot on the roster and THEY WILL LOSE THEIR ROSTER SPOT.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY!!! 


  1. Every team requires a team administrator.  For 2017/2018, all team administrators will be given a $225 discount from their annual registration fee.  Anyone interested in becoming a parent administrator, must submit an email request to the club registrar ( prior to May 30th.  If we do not have enough parent administrators, one will be assigned to the team at an additional expense added to the fees charged to the team and divided equally among all team members.


  1. FINALIZED rosters and admin assignment must be submitted to the Stony Brook Registrar WITHIN 7 DAYS AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THE TRYOUTS FOR THE AGE GROUP.