2017 Tryout Letter From Club President

Opportunities Available For Players Of All Abilities

Updated Friday May 12, 2017 by Rosa Buckley.

May 12, 2017


Dear Stony Brook Soccer Club Current & Future Members,

As we approach the middle of our 2017 spring season, your Board of Directors and coaching staff are engaged in a series of discussions on how to improve both the soccer environment at our soccer complex as well as the tryout process for our travel teams. We recognize that this is a very stressful time for many of our players and parents and the soccer club understands the importance of ensuring continuous communication so that everyone understands the team selection guidelines before the process starts.  Shortly you will be receiving the Tryout Committee Guidelines so that many of your questions can be answered before players engage in the process.  We are working on a new method of informing our players and their parents of the results of the tryouts and instituting a new deposit program so that all of our travel teams can be successfully registered as soon as possible.

With this in mind, the Soccer Club has set up three meetings for parents of all current or prospective travel players who want to get more information about the new tryout process and what being on a Stony Brook travel team means in regard to commitment and all of the opportunities which are possible for our players. We strongly encourage all of you to attend one of the following three meetings to get information and more important to answer any of your questions.  The meetings will be held as follows:

  • May 17 at 730pm at Ward Melville High School
  • May 23 at 730pm at Ward Melville High School
  • May 30 at 730pm at Mount Elementary School auditorium


The main goal of the Stony Brook Soccer Club is for all of our players, age 3 to age 19, to compete at a level appropriate for their skill and commitment level.  We offer a variety of programs for all of our players, from friendly games to games played at the highest level on Long Island.  We will continue to offer programs for players of all skill levels and will aim to create however many travel teams that are sufficient given the number of players and coaches available each year. 

               The Stony Brook Soccer Club provides the following opportunities for play:

  • Pre-K program for all players age 3 and over
  • TOPS program for all of our players who may need some additional assistance
  • Regular Intramural program for all players age 4 to age 12 for those players who wish to enjoy the game without the competitive nature of scores, league standings, and/or travel
  • Suffolk Interleague program for all players age 13 to age 19 who want to continue to enjoy playing the game without the financial or time commitments of a travel team
  • U9/U10 travel program for all players age 8 to age 10 who want extra training opportunities and want to compete on teams against other clubs
  • Travel program for players age 10 to age 19 who want to play at the highest level on Long Island against clubs on and off of Long Island.  All travel players must try-out at their respective age level, and teams will be selected by our professional coaches based upon talent and commitment level.  Significant financial and time commitments are necessary for play at these levels, especially as the child gets older.  This is especially true relating to the commitment of our teams playing at the high school level which will require play in various tournaments which may be on or off of Long Island. 

               The Stony Brook Soccer Club is committed to finding an appropriate level of play for all of our children regardless of their level of financial or time commitment.  Everyone who wants to play soccer will be able to do so at whatever level they are comfortable.  Your soccer club continues to strive to create an enjoyable atmosphere at all levels for all of our players and we welcome your continued support, ideas, and suggestions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us in any manner.



Mitchell H. Pally


Stony Brook Soccer Club

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View Tryout Guidelines:  http://listonybrooksc.siplay.com/site/ClientSite/article/2914938