09 September 2015 Minutes

Updated Thursday October 15, 2015 by Three Village Soccer.

Three Village Soccer Club/Stony Brook Travel/Board Meeting Minutes

Date and Time:  September 14, 2015 at 7:30 p.m.            Location:  Clubhouse

Board of Directors present at meeting:  Mitch Pally, Susan Deverna, Kevin Ebbecke, Kosta Siskidis, Michael Brunken, Edward Weber, Jerry Ward, Vincent Morra, Tim Hennessey, Christine McVicker and Andrew Sloat    Missing:  Jason Witover, Lisa Zarkadis, Jen Dunn and Brian Fitzgerald    Others present:  Mark Nash

Intramural Committee Report.  Kevin Ebbecke presented.  Youth Soccer 101 is being emailed to all intramural coaches to assist with practice tips and drills.  This is being well received by the intramural coaches.   Pre-K program will start September 20th and will last for 6 weeks.  The TOPPS program will also start on September 20th

Each week the club needs 40 pug goals for the intramural games on Sunday.  We may need to use soccer points and order extra pug goals.  Mark Nash is going to look for outstanding pug goals to determine if we need to purchase any others. 

There were not enough Intramural coaches shirts because each team now has 2 coaches.  There were not enough division leader shirts as well.  Therefore, the board approved the purchase of additional shirts.   Andrew Sloat will order 34 new intramural coaches shirts as well as 5 new division leader shirts and board shirts for the new board members.

The field signs are good.  It has been brought to the Board’s attention that the first grade field backs up against the 3rd grade field (#10) and due to safety concerns, the Fields Committee may need to change the layout of the those fields.   

With regard to the referees, the FIFA website there is a video for kids to watch which will assist our referees with making calls on the field.   The Board has decided that it would be a good idea to have the parents of referees and referees sign a consent form which allows the referee to ref.  This will be prepared and presented when available.

All intramural teams seem to be well balanced based upon opening day results.

Travel committee report.  Presented by Vinny Morra.  The Board has decided that the LaMasia program offered by the Club will only be open to club members.  The girls travel teams have enough players.  The boys U17 team is still short on players.  Mark Nash is going to put an ad on the LIJSL website in order to attract more players for this team.  The Travel Committee has created a sub-committee to review the current tryout procedures, implementation of appropriate changes, assist with tryout process in May and June, develop a plan to retain and attract players and dealing with parental issues before tryouts begin.    Members of the new try-out committee consist of:  Jason Witover (chair), Mike Brunken, Vincent Morra, Jerry ward, Tim Hennessy, Mark Nash, Mark Lugris. 

Vincent Morra will be attending a meeting where the issue of changing the age group of players to a calendar year will be discussed.    He will report back to the Board at the next meeting on this issue.

Communications Committee report.  Michael Brunken presented for Jen Dunn.  The photographs taken at the summer camp are being added to the website.  Gina Titus will be making signs for the club that say “like us on Facebook/Twitter”.   The slideshow on the club website should be updated quarterly.  The website will have a separate tax for travel and intramural programs and information.    Christine McVicker has been asked to create a consent form relating to use of a child’s photograph on the website.  Social media information must be approved by the Board prior to any postings.  The following individuals have access to the club’s website:  Kevin Ebbecke, Michael Brunken and Jen Sloat.

Jen Sloat will be asked to check the website to see if the FAQ section is still accessible.  Michael Brunken was asked to check the website to see if the current registration section provides a space for parents to add the elementary school where their child attends.  This is important in selecting teams. 

Financial Assistance.  Tim Hennessey presented.  There are a few individuals with outstanding balances on the payment plans.  Tim will provide a report on all payment plan participants and their status for the next meeting.  The Board needs to determine if a cap will be set on the amount of financial assistance the Board can approve.  This will be discussed at the next meeting.   

Sponsorship and Fundraising Committee.  Andrew Sloat presented.  The Board has approved the following policy.  Any sponsor that signs up for a sponsorship will automatically receive 4 email communications and 1 introduction on facebook. 

Gargano Litigation.  Mitch Pally presented.  K&K is our current insurance carrier.  They have spoken with Mitch Pally regarding the circumstances surrounding the claim.  No litigation has begun.  The insurance company has indicated that at this time there seems to be no liability on the part of the club. 

Tournament Committee report.  Mitch Pally presented.  The tournament committee from each participating soccer club will be having a meeting on September 22, 2015 to review the finances, etc of the tournament.

Financial Report.  Brian Fitzgerald is working on the budget and will present it at the October meeting.

Registration Report.  Mitch Pally and Michael Brunken presented.  The travel and intramural registration numbers appear to be declining.  Kevin Ebbecke and Michael Brunken will review the Academy/Intramural registration numbers to determine whether they are complete.  Susan Deverna is going to provide the new school registration numbers for usage by the new sub-committee on lower registration issues.  The Board will then discuss ways to change the decline.

Northport Soccer Club.  As a result of the damage which occurred at the Northport Soccer Club fields, the Board has renewed its policy that the gate at the entrance to our fields must be locked at all times when teams are not practicing or playing on the fields and no one is present at the soccer park.   For security purposes, the Field Committee is going to create a new sign to be placed at the entrance of the fields which indicates that cameras are watching.

All soccer clubs within LIJSL have been asked to donate $100 to assist Northport Soccer Club in fixing the condition of their fields.

As a result of lower than expected team registration for their Columbus Day Tournament, Northport will not be renting our fields for the Columbus Day Tournament.

Opening Day for Portable Lights at P-Lot Fields.  The Board has voted to rent portable lights for our fields from October 3, 2015 through December 3, 2015.  The lights will be placed on the side of the concession stand building where the bathrooms are.  The existing lights on the back of the concession stand building will also be turned on.

Field and Park Operations Committee Report.  Edward Weber presented.  There is an issue going on with the sprinkler systems.  Bob Mele has been contacted in order to correct the issue.  The grass is now being cut every Thursday.  The committee recommends that the Intramural teams practice at Stony Brook Road or any of the elementary schools.  Field 2 is off limits to travel team practice.    The employees of the concession stand will be responsible to reseed the goal areas each Sunday after all intramural games.  The 3rd grade goal nets have been installed. 

The Board discussed the possibility of purchasing wheels for the goals in order to make it easier for the lawn maintenance men to move the goals when they are mowing.  Ed is going to speak to Bob Mele to see if his employees will move the goals if they have wheels on them instead of flipping them over.  When the goals are flipped over they can be damaged.  In addition, the Board is going to see if the cost of new wheels is in the budget.  Six sets of wheels for the 11 v 11 fields will cost $1,200.

The Board had a discussion with regard to making one of the 11 v 11 fields a “premier field” which can be used to showcase certain players for college recruiters, etc.    It was decided that the Field Committee will discuss with the director of coaching issues relating to the creation of a “premier field” such as cost, how to schedule time on the field, location of the field, what is needed at the field (bleachers), etc. and report back to the Board for consideration.

Respectfully submitted by Christine McVicker, Soccer Board Secretary