08 August Minutes 2015

Updated Thursday October 15, 2015 by Three Village Soccer.

Three Village Soccer Club/Stony Brook Travel/Board Meeting Minues
Date and time:  August 10, 2015 at 7:30 p.m.        Location:  Clubhouse

Board of Directors present at meeting:  Mitch Pally, Jennifer Dunn, Vincent Morra, Andrew Sloat, Brian, Fitzgerald,  Jason Witover, Kosta Siskidis, Christine McVicker,  Susan Deverna, Tim Hennessey, Jerry Ward, Edward Weber and Kevin Ebbecke.    Missing:  Lisa Zarkadis and Michael Brunken

Intramural Director Position.  Kevin Ebbecke has been appointed the new Intramural Director.

Intramural Report.  All divisions have a leader.  All teams have been set up.  Picture day is September 27, 2015.  Intramural players will be able to sign up for the IDP program on September 13th.  We are working on a program for the Intramural Coaches.  Rush soccer is currently giving the intramural coaches access to Youth Soccer 101 and this is being well received.  

The Fall Festival will take place on October 25th.  A committee has been put together to discuss possible changes to the festival from what was offered last year.    Each intramural coach or assistant coach who attends the “mandatory” coaches meeting will be given a $10.00 voucher for the concession stand to compensate them for the risk management fee they paid.

Travel Committee.    The next meeting will be on August 11, 2015.  The committee will discuss the registration numbers, review the attraction and retention element of the travel players and the tryout procedures.  The committee will then make suggestions to this Board for proposed changes.  

Proposed Picnic for September 6, 2015..  The travel team fundraisers have been moved from Sept. 6 to Sept. 13 and the proposed picnic has been cancelled due to lack of volunteers and travel team commitment.  Any travel team that has already started preparation for the picnic will be permitted to fundraise on opening day which is Sept. 13th.  The Board has decided that the travel teams may fundraise at the fields at any time as long as they receive approval from the Board of Directors ahead of time.  The teams are not permitted to sell items that are currently being sold at the concession stand.

Gargano Insurance/Litigation Issue.  The Board has decided to allow the brother of the injured player to register as a second grade player for the fall 2015 season.

Committee Assignments and Responsibilities.  In an effort to be better organized, the Board has decided to set up committees to assist with the various issues occurring within the club.  All members of the soccer club are welcome to join a committee and are encouraged to do so.   The Board formally approved the committees and the responsibilities of each committee with amendments.

Tournament Report.  The tournament is scheduled for August 15 and 16.    There are 188 teams participating (80 of those teams are from our club).  We need volunteers for Saturday at 7:00 a.m. to help register non-Stony Brook team.  There will be no coaches meeting before the tournament.  All teams are to register 1 hour before their scheduled game time.  The first games will start at 8:00 a.m.  The schedule for the tournament will be sent out by August 11th.  The Cosmos  have sponsored the coached gifts.  The Cosmos should be at the Stony Brook P-lot field on Sunday of the tournament.  Tournament shirts will be available for the volunteers.  

University Relations Report.  The Vice President for University Relations has left and has been replaced.

Financial Report.  There are currently 8 hardship requests.  The Scholarship and Financial Assistance committee has reviewed the current procedure for making a hardship request and presented to the Board suggestions on how to amend the procedure.  If a hardship request is approved by the Board, the recipient of the financial assistance will need to sign a document acknowledging the relief granted, the agreed upon volunteer hours and the deadline for completing the hours.  

Sponsorship Report.  Presented by Andrew Sloat.  Current sponsors include:  Parisi Speed School, Jamba Juice, World Gym, Dicks Sporting Goods,  North Fork Orthodontics, C2Education, Husdon City Bank,  Second Wind  and Rush Soccer.

Rush Soccer has provided our Club with funds to purchase merchandise.  With the funds the Board approved the purchase of Adidas equipment for the coaches such as Coaching shirts, rain gear and soccer balls for the Academy program.

Several parents addressed concern over the new travel uniforms.  Specifically, the girls white shorts.  The Board has decided that all New York Club and LIJSL girls teams will be contacted with regard to the options for the uniform shorts.  The options are to exchange the shorts for the boys shorts which are made of a different material, wear the blue shorts with the white jerseys or wear compression shorts under the white shorts.  The Board will review the Rush contract when it is time to be renewed.

Prospective Purchases.  The Board has previously approved a policy which states that any soccer club purchase of $500 or more would first required board approval.  The Board has approved the purchase  of cones using gift cards the Club received from Dicks Sporting Goods.

Summer Camp.  There were 137 players who participated in the summer camp program.  The Board decided that the travel coaches would not be permitted to schedule practice that week.  The club has the ability to register players the day of the camp.

Portable Lights for P-Lot.  The Board has decided to rent portable lighting for the fields so that the coaches can schedule their practices after dark.  The lights will start on October 15th.  

Respectfully submitted by Christine McVicker, Board Secretary