Three Village Soccer Club and Stony Brook Travel Program

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Three Village Soccer Club and Stony Brook Travel Program

Stony Brook Travel Program
The mission of the Stony Brook Travel Program is to develop youth soccer players to the highest level of their ability and desire.

The Program is designed to provide the opportunity for players to develop in an environment where:

• The players are free of adult and peer pressure

• Character is developed through fair play and team work

• The players are continuously challenged

• Ample opportunity is given to train outside the team environment

• The players are given the chance to take risks

• The players are provided the appropriate level of training and competition

• The players can develop a love for the game of soccer.

With the above in mind, we expect players to graduate from the Club with a solid foundation in the aspects of teamwork, fair play, solid fundamentals of the game of soccer and have had the chance to reach their personal goals.

Overview of the Travel Program

The decision to try-out for travel is of course a personal issue. The program coordinators and trainers will be happy to assist any family with this decision.

Teams are formed after tryouts each June. Our club policy is that we do not hold tryouts mid-year. Tryout for the 2014/2015 soccer year will be held in the following time frame:

From 6/1/2015 to 6/23/2016

Our professional training staff conducts the tryouts. No parents are allowed on any part of the field during tryouts. Generally two or three teams are formed for each age/gender group. Not every player who tries out will make a team. Those players not selected for a travel team are encouraged to continue playing in the intramural academy program and tryout again the following year.  All decisions made by the Director of Coaching and/or the Travel Committee in relation to player’s placement are final.

Players stay with a team for a complete year. Travel is a full year commitment and every player must abide by all commitments for both seasons.  After the fall season players may be moved between teams. This is done to put a player in the best environment for her/his development. Such a decision will be made on or before December 31st.

• Any addition to the roster with-in season must be approved by the travel committee.

• After the spring season open tryouts are held for each age group.

Soccer is a team sport and it is important that each player commits to the team.  No member player can play on any other team outside of our club unless approved by the Director of Coaching.

Playing travel soccer is both a major time and financial commitment on the part of the player and the player’s family. It is essential that the family understand that once a player is selected for a travel team, he/she must participate in all team activities, including practices, games, clinics, tournaments, and social gatherings.  

If the player and/or the family believes it cannot meet both the time and financial commitments for the entire year (both fall and springs seasons), please do not accept the designation as a travel player and instead continue playing at the intramural level where the time and financial commitment are significantly less. The club provides a meaningful competitive opportunity for all players at all age and skill level through the age of 18.

A minimum schedule for a U-10 A or B team might look like this: 

Summer:    Practices start in July. Stony Brook tournament (Long Island Soccer Shootout) in August, camp in August, some teams will play in one or more additional tournaments in August.

Fall:    Practice twice a week. Nine league games. State Cup tournament. Columbus Day tournament Labor Day Tournament.

Winter:    Practice once a week in an indoor facility. Play in an indoor league (Futsal).

Spring:    Practice twice a week. Nine league games. State Cup tournament, Manhattan Kickoff Memorial, Day Weekend Tournament. LI Cup.

Some teams will play an additional tournament in the summer. Also many players attend one of our additional training programs.

We ask for at least 85% attendance at all team events over the course of a season.

Playing Time 

U10-U 11:    Minimum of 50% playing time over the course of a season, minimum of 40% in any game.

U12-U13:        Minimum of 40% playing time over the course of a season.

U14 and Older:     Coach's discretion.

Of course, playing time is dependent on a number of factors, such as practice attendance, behavior, and fitness. The coach will clearly communicate team policy before the beginning of a season. Some common examples include:

• Players are expected to attend 85% or more of all practices and games. Playing time will be affected if you have less than 85% attendance.
• Players must contact coach before missing a scheduled practice or game.



Our teams play in a variety of leagues depending on the caliber of play

Teams will play in Long Island Junior Soccer League against teams from clubs all over Long Island. In the first two years (U-10 and U-11) league play is restricted to Suffolk County.

Teams at each age group are placed in divisions so that teams play against opponents at the same competitive level.

The league plays two nine-game seasons - fall and spring. In the fall games start in September and end in November. In the spring games run from March to June.

The U-10 teams play 8 versus 8, U-11 play 9 versus 9. U-12 and older play 11 versus 11 (NYCSL).

NYCSL Premier League (NYCSL PL)
NYCSL, under the sanctioning of US Club Soccer, will offer a highly competitive regional based league for U11-U18 teams in the fall and spring seasons. The League will be comprised of teams from Westchester, Hudson Valley, Connecticut, Long Island, 5 NYC Boroughs and New Jersey for each gender/age group. The league is structured to accommodate teams that are seeking the highest level of competition. The League is structured to provide participating teams/clubs with the appropriate level of competition, while maintaining a challenging environment for individual and team development.

    U15-U18 age groups will play a modified 5 game “flexible” schedule which will begin in October. 
    All U11 and U12 age groups will play 9v9 small sided in order to better aide player development.
    U13 & U14 age groups will play a traditional 9 game fall season.

NYCSL Travel League
NYCSL, under the sanctioning of US Club Soccer, operates a traditional travel league for U9-U18 teams. The league will place teams based on ability and geographic location. Each season, teams will be promoted and/or relegated based on the results of the prior season. The League is structured to provide participating teams/clubs with the appropriate level of competition, while maintaining a challenging environment for individual and team development. (Please note that in the South (Long Island, 5 NYC Boroughs) All U7 & U8 Leagues operate under JSS).

Age Groups 
Boys will play in a League on Long Island (with US Club passes)
Girls will play in a League on Long Island (with US Club passes)

Each player who signs up into the Academy will also be registered to play on the SIL team.  Each week we can send a different set of players to go and play in a game in the league, plus run the regular sessions on Saturday.  Alternatively, we may put a number of teams in, but our suggestion is to start small and build out from there.

Academy/U10 (Based on 2-3 teams per age-group)

'A' Team - NYCSL. B and/or C team play LIJSL.  A Team plays NY Cup as well.

'A' Team will have US Club passes with their NYCSL team.  B & C teams will hold USYS passes.  

U11-U19 (Based on 2-3 teams per age-group)

'A' Team – NYCSL, EDP or Regional Premier League.  A Team plays NY Cup as well.

'B/C' Team - NYCSL or LIJSL. B and C teams play in LI Cup through LISJL.

Tryouts and Team Formation
It is the policy of the club to group players by ability and by age group. This presents the best opportunity for player development.

As a guide for where your child fits into the LIJSL travel program as of Sep. 2014:

U   9 Born on or after 8/1/2006
U 10 Born on or after 8/1/2005   Academy
U 11 Born on or after 8/1/2004 
U 12 Born on or after 8/1/2003
U 13 Born on or after 8/1/2002
U 14 Born on or after 8/1/2001
U 15 Born on or after 8/1/2000
U 16 Born on or after 8/1/1999
U 17 Born on or after 8/1/1998
U 18 Born on or after 8/1/1997
U 19 Born on or after 8/1/1996

U-12 age groups and above, players from outside the club will be allowed to try out and be placed on any team at the discretion of the coach and travel committee.
Such actions may only take place at the beginning of each season, unless exceptional circumstances take place and such exception is approved by the travel committee.  
Any addition to the roster with-in season must be approved by the travel committee.

After the spring season open tryouts are held for each age group.

In certain circumstances, players may be rostered with more than one team to provide additional playing opportunities if warranted.

All dual-rostered players are specifically registered first with their primary team and must attend all games and practices of that team.

Should circumstances require, such player may be asked to also play for a second team, only if such games do not conflict with the games of their primary team, and solely at the discretion of the coach. Should such a situation take place, the playing time requirements are not applicable to such players playing on their second team.

There is no requirement that such player will play at any time for the second team, only that such a situation may be necessary if circumstances require.


The Registration fees are broken down into various components.  

•    Club registration Fee $210
•    Long Island Junior fee – varies from $100 to $150 depending on the age group and # of seasons playing.
•    Coaching Fee – varies from approximately $650 to $1100 depending on the age and level of the team. 
•    US Club will have additional fees depending on the age group and league.


Uniforms cost is approximately $215.00 and will last for 2 years.  

Each team will also incur additional costs for such items as indoor training space ($125), futsal ($125) and tournament fees ($125) and other team specific costs are the responsibility of the individual teams. There may be other costs as well, such as warm-ups, bags, and travel costs for away tournaments.