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Referee Program

Intramural Referee Program:
The Intramural Referee Program in the Three Village Soccer Club exists for the benefit of the players and referees, as a means to better our Club experience.  The players benefit by learning the laws of the game, while referees are able to utilize their knowledge of the game and develop a set of skills to carry throughout their lives.
For details on referee scheduling, please see the Weekly Referee Schedule tab under Referees.
Becoming a Referee:
If you are interested in becoming a referee, please send an email to, with your name, email, phone, grade level, years of referee experience, and the team on which you currently play.  Please only apply if you are in 5th grade or above, as there needs to be at least a 2 year grade gap between players and referees.  Prior referee experience is not required.

Referee Responsibilities:


  • You must sign in at the concession stand 15 minutes before  your game
  • Ask both coaches to line up their teams so you can inspect the players for equipment  
  • What you are looking for:
  • Each player has to have a proper uniform (proper shorts and top, socks and shin guards).
  • The top is tucked inside of the shorts.
  • The socks are above the shin guards.
  • No earrings.
  • You need to evaluate the team appearance and score them properly in your referee score sheet.
  • Game Procedures
  • Take your place at the the midfield.
  • Call for the team captains.
  • Flip a coin and allow the visiting team (wearing white) to call either heads or tails (you must have a coin with you and you must explain to the captains which side is which.
  • The winner has to choose one of the two options.
    • starting the game with the ball,or
    • choosing a goal to defend first.
  • The team which did not start with the ball for the first half has the ball to start the second half.
  • After the game ends, you will ask the teams to line up and shake the hands of the opposing team players and coaches.  
  • You need to be familiar with the rules of the game of soccer. You can review the 17 laws of soccer by going to our website, click the tab intramurals and scroll to the “LAWS OF SOCCER” file.
  • You have a whistle, do not be afraid to use it.
  • Please be familiar with the club’s Rule Matrix because there specific rules for each division.
  • Be firm, fair and honest.
  • Be consistent.
  • Accept only the number and level of referee assignments that can be done well.
  • Be neutral.
  • Always remain calm.
  • Show respect to players, coaches, parents and spectators.
  • Take each game seriously.
  • Implement good management techniques.
  • Show courage and confidence; avoid arrogance.
  • If you are late or you do not show for a game (that means you need to be the game site 15 minutes before your game start and you should finish checking both teams), you will be removed from the referee list for the upcoming season.
  • If you are unable to keep your committed time slot on a given weekend, please contact me immediately, so a replacement can be arranged in a timely manner.
  • You will be assigned an ID number which you will need to give to the two coaches prior to the start of the game.
  • You need to download your Referee’s Game Evaluation Sheet from the website.
  • The payment form has to be completed properly so you can be paid, including the names of the teams in your game; you can find that information in our website under the tab schedules.
  • The referee schedule will be sent to you via e-mail no later than Saturday morning.  It is your responsibility to check and report any errors to the coordinator.
  • The club will provide you with a referee T-shirt; you need to bring a clipboard, whistle, stopwatch, Rule Matrix, a bag to keep all your papers and personal articles dry, a writing instrument and any drink.
  • You need to be familiar with the field layout in our soccer park. The field map is on our website, and located at the entrance to the park.  There is no excuse of not knowing the location of your game.
  • Refereeing will start from 1st grade and up.
  • You can download the Rule Matrix from the intramural documents page our website.
  • Failure to complete the Referee’s Game Evaluation Sheet properly will be a reason to be removed from the referee list for the upcoming season.
  • You need to complete the sportsmanship points properly.  Make an analysis of all of the components on the sheet and detail any specific incidents or actions which took place during the game. 


Being a referee for the  Stony Brook Soccer Club is a serious responsibility for everyone concerned, including, the players, coaches, parents and referees.  We look forward to your commitment and enjoyment of this very important role.


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